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February 22, 2019

The Trump investigations aren't stopping at Russia.

President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has fully flipped, sharing his accounts of working with Trump with both federal and New York prosecutors. Part of that testimony includes "possible irregularities" within Trump Organization business dealings, specifically involving insurance claims and the Trump inaugural committee, The New York Times reports.

Trump's inaugural committee has reportedly been under investigation for how it spent its $107 million haul, and whether the committee's biggest donors sought special favors from the incoming Trump administration for their donations. Cohen, meanwhile, has reportedly given Manhattan prosecutors details about dealings between the Trump organization and inaugural committee donor Imaad Zuberi. Zuberi donated $900,000 "around the time ... he also tried to hire Cohen as a consultant and wrote him a substantial check," Cohen has told prosecutors, the Times says. It's unclear if prosecutors even think Cohen's word is credible, but it does suggest they're digging deeper into Trump's personal and business life.

Cohen reached a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller last year, pledging cooperation with Mueller's probe into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election interference. He recently had his report date for a prison sentence pushed back to May, giving him time to testify before Congress on a still-unscheduled day. Read more about what he's reportedly already shared at The New York Times. Kathryn Krawczyk

June 15, 2018

Michael Cohen, who's made more than a few questionable moves as the president's personal lawyer, no longer has to stress about that job.

"No, he's not my lawyer anymore," President Trump said when asked about Cohen on Friday morning, per CBS News. It's unclear when Cohen's resume changed.

The news only fuels widespread reports that Cohen feels isolated and mistreated by Trump and he's ready to flip. Cohen's home and office were raided by the FBI in April. When Trump was asked if he thought Cohen may flip and cooperate with investigators, the president simply affirmed that he's done "nothing wrong," per CBS.

Rudy Giuliani, who's also on the Trump legal team, suggested Cohen wasn't Trump's lawyer anymore to Politico in May. Yet Trump confirmed Cohen was still his attorney in April, when reporters confronted the president on Air Force One about Cohen's $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Sure, Cohen still had a job. But Trump's insinuation that the payment was single-handedly Cohen's doing sure threw him under the plane. Kathryn Krawczyk

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