count em again
November 6, 2019

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) said he wouldn't concede the state's gubernatorial election to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear, and his campaign is now officially calling for a recanvass.

Citing unspecified "reports of irregularities" in the tightly contested election, which saw Beshear emerge victorious by about 5,000 votes, Bevin's campaign released a statement announcing the request Wednesday.

A recanvass sounds like a fancy word for recount, but it's actually a little different. Bevin's campaign is specifically calling for each county in the state to go through the ballots again on their own, while a recount would entail sending everything to the court system so it could be tallied up at once.

Beshear's campaign has already issued a statement in response to the request. Rather than pushing back against Bevin, they seemed confident that it would only reaffirm their victory. Tim O'Donnell

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