September 14, 2018

It started with an insult, crescendoed with talk of President Trump's condom use, and ended with Tucker Carlson laughing at his own joke.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against Trump and his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, appeared on Carlson's Fox News show Thursday night, and before he even said a word, the chyron on the screen described Avenatti as a "creepy porn lawyer." Carlson started by asking him about comments he made regarding Russia, and Avenatti said Trump should "not be standing shoulder to shoulder with Vladimir Putin and choosing Russia over the hardworking men and women of the intelligence community that risk their lives for this country. The president has sold out the United States for the benefit of Putin."

Carlson accused Avenatti of using "reckless rhetoric on a subject you don't really understand," to which Avenatti responded, "I stand by my words, and I think for you to lecture me about reckless rhetoric is rather ironic, Tucker, in light of some of the reckless rhetoric you engage in each and every day on this show." He then started asking the questions, specifically, "Why don't you call Donald Trump the 'creepy porn president,' he's the one that had sex with a 4-month-old son at home with my client without a condom."

Carlson accused Avenatti of "exploiting" and profiting from Daniels. Why, Carlson asked, was Daniels working at strip clubs with people "throwing things at her" while Avenatti was on TV wearing $1,000 suits? Avenatti called the charge "absurd." After some back and forth, Avenatti asked Carlson how someone so "ignorant" could have his own show, and asked: "Do you have that big a problem with porn? When's the last time you watched porn?" Carlson shot back that he views "humiliation porn, that's why I watch you on CNN," then laughed, loudly. If you have a high tolerance for awkwardness, watch below.Catherine Garcia

September 15, 2017

Fox Sports' Clay Travis, known for his bombastic statements, stunned CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Friday with a particularly shocking remark. As Travis, Baldwin, and former ESPN writer Keith Reed discussed the recent White House controversy surrounding ESPN's Jemele Hill, Travis slipped in a jarring declaration about his beliefs. "I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs," Travis said, explaining why he thought it was a mistake for ESPN to censor its employees.

"Hold on, hold on," Baldwin interjected. "I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show. Did you say ... what did you just say? You believe in the First Amendment and b-double o-b-s?"

"Boobs," Travis confirmed. "The two things that have never let me down: the First Amendment and boobs." He then continued to make his case for why Hill should not be fired for calling Trump a "white supremacist."

Baldwin was still too hung up on Travis' "boobs" comment to continue the discussion. She clarified once again that Travis was talking about "boobs," not "booze." "Why would you even say that live on national television and with a female host?" Baldwin asked, before calling it quits on the "entirely inappropriate" conversation.

Watch it below. Becca Stanek

September 30, 2016

When Ivanka Trump was 17 years old, she reportedly set an age limit for the women that dad Donald Trump was allowed to date. "I have a deal with her," Trump said of his daughter during a taping of The Howard Stern Show in June 1999. "She's 17 and doing great — Ivanka. She made me promise, swear to her, that I would never date a girl younger than her." The New York Daily News pointed out that 17 is the age of consent in New York, "so Trump essentially told Ivanka that he wouldn't violate statutory rape law."

Trump then proceeded to joke with Stern that his deal with Ivanka meant "as she grows older, the field is getting very limited." "The nerve of her," Stern said in response. "Now you can't go out with 16-year-olds." At the time of the interview, Trump was already dating his current wife Melania, who is 24 years younger than him — but 12 years older than Ivanka.

Of course, Trump was no stranger to Stern's show, having called in repeatedly throughout the 1990s. In another interview no less cringe-inducing, Trump in 1995 discussed with Stern how annoying women's accents could be — or, as Stern phrased it, how "one day the accent is cute and the next you're married to Dracula's sister." "You know what I like most about Marla [Maples, Trump's second wife]? And this is not lewd," Stern said. "No accent. Because that can make you bonkers after a while. Isn't that true?"

Yes, Trump agreed: "Especially when they're asking for money." Becca Stanek

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