extreme sonic makeover
November 12, 2019

The team behind Sonic the Hedgehog worked as fast as possible to tweak the character's look after fan backlash, and it seems their efforts paid off.

Paramount Pictures on Tuesday released the new trailer for the film based on the video game series, and it reveals a redesign of the central character. When the original trailer dropped in April, Sonic's design was met with widespread mockery, with fans complaining about everything from his disturbing human-looking teeth to his strangely buff legs. The movie originally would have hit theaters last week, but after the backlash, it was delayed three months, with director Jeff Fowler saying the team was "taking a little more time to make Sonic just right."

Now, we see the fruits of their labor, and in the new trailer, Sonic looks far more like a cartoon and closer to the video game series, with his eyes being larger and mouth looking less freakishly human.

Immediately, the trailer was met with a warm reception among fans, who flooded it with likes on YouTube and voiced their approval of the look. Of course, whether the film itself will be any good is an entirely different question, so we'll find out whether all this was worth it when the film hits theaters on Feb. 14. Brendan Morrow

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