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January 11, 2019

Final Destination is about to cheat death.

The popular horror film series, which revolves around characters who narrowly avoid death but are subsequently killed in increasingly elaborate ways during their daily lives, is set to return with a sixth installment written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the screenwriters behind the last four Saw movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap.

The Reporter describes this new movie as a "re-imagining," although it's unclear whether this means there will be no connections to the previous films at all. Each installment in the series is already fairly self-contained, but the last entry, Final Destination 5, brought things full circle with a surprise ending that tied back in to the original 2000 movie. Like the previous five films, the reboot will be produced by New Line, the studio that also produces the wildly successfully Conjuring franchise among other horror hits.

The Final Destination series has been in hibernation since 2011 when the fifth installment became the series' lowest-grossing entry domestically. The prospects of its revitalization for years seemed bleak to the point that star Tony Todd told Bloody Disgusting just four days ago that there may never be a sixth movie because the series is too expensive to make. But Todd should have known that like any great horror villain, nothing, not even almost certain death, will keep Final Destination down. Brendan Morrow

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