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October 5, 2017

Alexa Jr. won't be hitting playrooms anytime soon.

Mattel has dropped its plans for a children's smart home hub called Aristotle — essentially an Amazon Echo for kids — amid privacy concerns. Aristotle was designed to span a child's development and do everything from calm a crying baby to help a preteen with her homework. Beyond its audio and voice capabilities, Aristotle also included a camera to use as a baby monitor.

However, Aristotle has been a subject of controversy since launching under Mattel's Nabi brand back in January, as children's health and privacy advocates argued that the device could see too far into children's lives. Some critics petitioned Mattel to scrap the device, while pediatricians expressed concern that children would grow to depend on Aristotle over their parents, as Aristotle's responsiveness meant it could comfort a child before a parent could.

As a result, the toy company opted not to release Aristotle, saying the device did not "fully align with Mattel's new technology strategy."

You'll just have to let Alexa turn on the night light for now. Kathryn Krawczyk

August 15, 2016

Comedy Central announced Monday that it has canceled The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore because it "hasn't resonated" with audiences. The show has struggled to match the ratings of its timeslot predecessor, The Colbert Report, since its debut January 2015.

"Even though we've given it a year and a half, we've been hoping against hope that [the show] would start to click with our audience," Kent Alterman, Comedy Central's president, told The New York Times. "It hasn't happened." Some viewers took to Twitter to voice their upset, however, hinting that perhaps Trevor Noah's version of The Daily Show — which Noah assumed from Jon Stewart one year ago — was more deserving of the boot:

The cancellation comes just over 12 weeks before Election Day — notable given Wilmore's dubbing of the race to succeed President Obama as "The Unblackening" and his continued racial commentary on the campaign. Wilmore's Nightly Show ran a segment called "Keep it 100", which often featured Wilmore offering unabashed race-based critique of the election:

Wilmore said in a statement he was "grateful" for the opportunity to host the show, but also "saddened and surprised" by the cancellation. The Nightly Show's final episode will air Thursday. Read more about Comedy Central's decision at The New York Times. Kimberly Alters

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