April 25, 2019

If you're already planning your summer vacation at the shore, maybe it's time to reconsider.

Scientists have traveled all around the world, taking more than 100 samples from the ocean along the way, and discovered nearly 200,000 new species — of viruses. Separated into five different subgroups, these 195,728 viral populations expand our knowledge of marine viruses by a factor of 12.

While the sheer number of invisible viruses in the oceans might make you cringe, it's actually valuable information, Gizmodo explained. This giant catalog of viruses is essential to understanding how marine ecosystems function, especially with regards to microbes, which are tiny cellular organisms that make up over half of the life in the ocean, pound by pound.

The exciting new find was published on Thursday in the journal Cell, by a team of researchers led by Ann Gregory, a postdoctoral researcher at VIB, a life science research institute in Belgium. The new research "expands our knowledge of what the biological entities on our planet are," Gregory told Gizmodo.

Despite the huge set of data provided, this is still far from a complete list of every virus in the oceans, the study authors noted. But it will certainly prove useful to all sorts of scientific inquiry, from examining marine life to discovering new antibiotics. Learn more at Gizmodo. Shivani Ishwar

November 6, 2018

A Michigan man named Matthew Meehan was reportedly required to sit in a seat covered in dog poop on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami this month.

"Actual feces and it was all over me. I sat in it, and it was on the seat, on the floor, the seat in front. I was literally in it," Meehan said. "I had to step back for a moment and say, 'Alright, keep your composure. You do not want to be one of these people you see on the news getting kicked off a plane.' Meanwhile, I’m covered in feces."

He reports than when he asked flight attendants for help, they offered two paper towels and a small bottle of gin. He was eventually able to cover the seat with a blanket.

Delta took the plane out of service for cleaning after the flight and gave Meehan full compensation for his flight as well as additional reimbursement. "The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority," the company said in an apology statement, "and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again."

The dog poop reportedly came from an ill service animal on a prior flight. Bonnie Kristian

May 5, 2016

MSNBC's Chris Matthews was certainly enjoying Donald Trump's victory speech in Indiana on Tuesday — but in the creepiest way possible. Caught unwittingly on a hot mic, Matthews can be heard ogling Melania Trump as fellow anchor Brian Williams wraps up his commentary.

"Look how she walks. Did you see her walk? That's a runway walk," Matthews is heard effusing as Melania follows her husband onto the stage. "My God, is that good."

Williams — apparently scrambling — then cuts to a commercial break:

A spokesperson for Melania Trump released a statement to Variety later saying that "it is unfortunate to see the continuous inaccuracies and misrepresentations made by the media of Mrs. Trump as anything less than the independently successful woman that she is." Jeva Lange

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