guaranteed to make you a little husky
November 28, 2018

Burger King is adding actual dog food to its menu.

No, this is not a sly attempt to brand some queasy fast food offering as unfit for human consumption. This is an actual announcement that Burger King is giving away Dogppers — that's a "flame-grilled," Whopper-flavored dog biscuit — free with the purchase of a Whopper through delivery service DoorDash.

Burger King rolled out the deal on Wednesday, along with a range of ads featuring vaguely threatening dogs begging for Whoppers. There's also a very dramatic video to match.

The new Burger King promotion runs through Dec. 4, and can be accessed by using the code "DOGPPER" on DoorDash. Dogppers are made of "oat flour, brown rice flour, beef, cheddar cheese, eggs and sesame seeds," a spokesperson tells Today. They are also, we must add, not for human consumption. Kathryn Krawczyk

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