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March 28, 2019

A majority of women say they will definitely not vote for President Trump in 2020, a new Quinnipiac University poll has found.

In a survey released by Quinnipiac on Thursday, 60 percent of women voters said they would "definitely not" vote for Trump in the 2020 election assuming he becomes the Republican nominee, as flagged by The Washington Post's Greg Sargent. This is compared to 27 percent of women who said they would definitely vote for him. Another 10 percent said they would consider voting for him, while three percent weren't sure.

Among voters overall, 53 percent said they would definitely not vote for Trump in 2020, while 30 percent said they definitely would and 13 percent said they'd consider it.

This is a similar finding to some other polls in recent months, such as one from the Post in January, in which 64 percent of women said they definitely wouldn't vote for Trump in 2020, with 20 percent saying they definitely would and 15 percent saying they'd consider it. Compared to this, Quinnipiac's poll is actually a slight improvement.

Exit polls from the 2016 election showed that about 41 percent of women voted for Trump, although he earned 52 percent of the support from white women, per the Post. In November, an Axios poll showed 64 percent of women have an unfavorable view of the president.

Quinnipiac's poll was conducted by speaking with 1,358 voters over the phone from March 21-25. The margin of error is 3.3 percentage points. Read the full results at Quinnipiac. Brendan Morrow

August 31, 2018

President Trump's approval rating is pretty dismal overall, a poll by The Washington Post and ABC News found on Friday, but the numbers are worse in some demographic groups than others.

Just 3 percent of black Americans polled said they approved of Trump's performance, compared to the president's 36 percent approval overall. An overwhelming 93 percent of black Americans, meanwhile, said they disapprove. Those numbers have plummeted, data over time shows; just months ago his approval among black Americans was nearly 20 percent.

Non-white respondents overall largely disapprove of Trump, with 78 percent saying that he's handling the presidency poorly and 19 percent saying he's doing well. Those numbers were on the upswing, but sunk back down to the consistent low marks that Trump has received since entering office. Women also disapprove of Trump at higher rates: Sixty-six percent of women disapprove of his performance, and 54 percent of men agree.

Among white respondents, 45 percent approve of the president, while 51 percent disapprove. Trump's approval ratings are worse than ever among all demographic groups — 60 percent disapproval overall is the highest the Post has ever found.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll was conducted Aug. 26-29, reaching 1,003 adults by phone. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points. Read more results at The Washington Post. Summer Meza

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