health report
February 14, 2019

The results are in from President Trump's recent physical exam, and while his cholesterol is down, his weight is up four pounds from last year.

Trump underwent a four-hour exam last Friday, performed and supervised by his physician, Sean Conley, and the results were released on Thursday. Trump, 72, is 6-foot-3, and now weighs 243 pounds; his body mass index is 30.4, which is clinically obese. Last year, Dr. Ronny Jackson said Trump should lose 10 to 15 pounds, but people familiar with his diet told CNN he still eats a lot of red meat and fried potatoes and doesn't really exercise.

Trump is taking a higher dosage of rosuvastatin, used to treat high cholesterol, and his numbers have improved since last year: now, his total cholesterol is 196 (HDL of 58, LDL of 122), compared to 223 in 2018 (HDL of 63, LDL of 94). Trump also received two shots: the Pneumovax 23 vaccine, which protects against pneumonia and meningitis, and the Shingrix vaccine, which protects against shingles. Overall, Conley said, Trump is in "very good health." Catherine Garcia

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