invasion of privacy
October 29, 2019

Dr. Randall Williams, director of Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services, testified on Tuesday that he kept a spreadsheet tracking the menstrual cycles of women who visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis.

He discussed the matter during an administrative hearing, which will determine whether the clinic — the only one in Missouri to provide abortions — will lose its license to perform the procedure. In June, the state refused to renew the license, claiming there were concerns over four women having to return to the clinic because they had failed abortions; a federal judge ordered the clinic to remain open. Planned Parenthood says Missouri "cherry-picked" these cases, ignoring thousands of routine abortions and focusing on those outside the norm.

Williams said the cycles were tracked because the state wanted to identify women who had to make more than one trip to the clinic. The spreadsheet was found by Planned Parenthood attorneys during legal discovery, and Missouri House Minority Leader Crystal Quade (D) said she wants an investigation opened into the matter to see if any privacy laws were violated. Catherine Garcia

March 21, 2019

At least 1,500 hotel guests in South Korea had no idea there were spy cameras hidden in their rooms and the footage was being livestreamed to the internet, police said Wednesday.

The cameras were concealed inside 30 hotels in 10 cities. The videos were streamed to a site that has more than 4,000 members who pay for access. Police said they have arrested four men in connection with the case.

Law enforcement agents in South Korea have been dealing with an uptick in spy cameras recording unsuspecting people, and it's become such a problem that female inspectors now search Seoul's public bathrooms to make sure there aren't any hidden cameras, BBC News reports. In 2017, police investigated more than 6,400 reports of illegal filming, and last year, tens of thousands of women marched in cities across South Korea to demand an end to such recordings. Catherine Garcia

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