it's final!
January 14, 2020

Ken Jennings has finally done it. He's beaten Brad Rutter.

Jennings, the holder of the longest Jeopardy! winning streak of all time, has now also become the game show's "Greatest of All Time." He won three games of the GOAT tournament on Tuesday before fellow competitor James Holzhauer could win two and Rutter could win even one.

The tournament was a faceoff between Jennings, Rutter — who's won the most money of anyone in game show history — and Holzhauer — who holds more Jeopardy! records than anyone else. Rutter had previously beaten Jennings every time they'd faced off, save for one time when they both lost to IBM's Watson computer system. But Jennings pulled out the win on Tuesday amid an absolutely dismal run from Rutter.

Tuesday's game came down to a Shakesperean question in Final Jeopardy!, and Jennings was the only one to get it right. Still, he risked nothing, and Holzhauer risked it all with an incorrect answer, putting Jennings on top.

To win a game, competitors had to pull out the highest total of two traditional Jeopardy! games stacked on top of each other in an hourlong extravaganza. The first player to get three games won the GOAT trophy, which Alex Trebek proudly handed to Jennings on Tuesday. Kathryn Krawczyk

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