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September 19, 2018

Ryan Coogler, who earlier this year directed the wildly successful superhero film Black Panther, has just lined up a highly unexpected next project.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Coogler is now set to produce Space Jam 2, the sequel to Warner Bros.' beloved 1996 movie in which Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters unite to play a basketball game against evil aliens. This time, LeBron James will star in the lead role, having been attached to the project since 2016. Previously, Star Trek Beyond's Justin Lin was going to direct, but now, Random Acts of Flyness creator Terrence Nance will fill that role.

James told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that he "loved [Coogler's] vision" for Black Panther, adding that he wants to inspire people with the Space Jam sequel the way Coogler did with that film. The Space Jam sequel does not yet have a release date or an official title, but it's set to begin production in 2019. James' production company, SpringHill Entertainment, teased the project on Instagram with a photo of a locker room populated by James and Bugs Bunny, and ComicBook.com writer Brandon Davis speculates the numbers seen in the picture, 1-23-20-21, might suggest the release date is Jan. 23, 2021. Read more about the Space Jam sequel at The Hollywood Reporter. Brendan Morrow

July 22, 2015

Start picking teams, because the hoops battle for intergalactic stardom could be tipping off again soon.

Warner Bros. announced a cross-platform deal covering movies, television, and original digital content today with Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. The deal is already getting fans of Warner Bros.' 1996 cartoon basketball epic Space Jam excited, as rumors of a Space Jam sequel have been swirling for a while now, and James is a fitting modern-day successor to Michael Jordan, who starred in the original film.

As Capital New York's Alex Weprin points out, Warner Bros. filed for new trademarks related to Space Jam last month. The studio already owns the film rights to the franchise's trademark, so the new paperwork enables the possibility of new James-centric Space Jam merchandise.

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