looking at the bright side
November 29, 2018

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson completely understands why thousands of migrants are walking from Central America to the United States.

While speaking to conservative lawmakers at an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) gathering on Thursday, Carson said the U.S. is an "amazing country. I mean, where else in the world do you see caravans of people trying to get into the country? Sometimes we should maybe look at the positive aspects of some of the things going on." President Trump doesn't have the same stance; he's said the migrant caravans headed to the U.S. are filled with criminals and gang members, and he sent troops down to the southern border.

Carson also stressed the importance of understanding that "in this country, we're not each other's enemies and we need to stop allowing people to divide us up and make us think we're enemies. When we start doing things for people, we need to do things for all of our people. It shouldn't be some identity group du jour. Every day it should be about everybody and what impacts everybody because we have a diverse society and we can't allow ourselves to be divided amongst identity groups." Catherine Garcia

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