luck of the draw
February 22, 2020

Nevada is keeping things on brand for the state's Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday.

As everyone saw in Iowa, caucuses are susceptible to precinct-level ties, and when there's a tie, well, you need a tie-breaker. In the Hawkeye state, they resorted to a good old-fashioned coin flip to determine which candidate received the up-for-grabs delegate. In Nevada, though, they'll use playing cards, which makes sense considering the state's relationship to card games.

In tie-breaking situations, the precinct leader must shuffle an unopened deck of cards at least seven times and remove extra cards like Jokers and directional cards. Then each group representing a tied candidate will draw from the deck and the high card wins (if cards of the same rank are drawn, it'll resort to suit, with spades being the highest.)

May the best card win. Tim O'Donnell

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