meanwhile in Australia
January 20, 2020

Australia just can't catch a break. As wildfires continued to devastate parts of the country, a miles-long dust storm rolled across New South Wales Sunday, blotting out the sun. As CNN reports, the area has been experiencing drought since 2017, so dirt is loose and easily kicked up by high winds.

In other parts of the southeast, thunderstorms over the past two days brought hail stones the size of baseballs, bringing down trees, battering cars and buildings, and leaving thousands of people without electricity, according to The New York Times. There's also been flash flooding. And the Bureau of Meteorology says the storms could continue for another few days. Jessica Hullinger

January 28, 2016

An ISIS-supporting Australian teenager was arrested last April on terrorism charges for allegedly planning to pack a kangaroo full of bombs and let it loose on police, The New York Daily News reports. Sevdet Besim, 19, had pledged his allegiance to ISIS online, although its not yet clear if he was in touch with the terrorist organization.

According to reports, Besim planned to strap bombs onto a kangaroo, paint it with the ISIS logo, and set it on police. "I'd love to take out some cops. I was gonna meet with them then take some heads ahaha," Besim reportedly wrote to an overseas friend. Besim had also planned to run over a police officer and then behead him on April 25, an Australian holiday.

Besim has pleaded not guilty to the terror crimes. Jeva Lange

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