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October 11, 2018

President Trump seemed to be having the time of his life speaking with Fox & Friends this morning.

In a conversation that lasted nearly an hour, Trump ricocheted from one topic to the next, commenting on everything from Hurricane Michael to the infamous anonymous New York Times op-ed to Bob Woodward's new book. He went after his political opponents, calling former Attorney General Eric Holder's recent comments that "when they go low, we kick them" "disgusting" and saying, "He better be careful what he's wishing for."

Trump also kept up his criticism of the Federal Reserve, saying it's "getting a little bit too cute." He again floated the wild accusation that The New York Times actually wrote that anonymous op-ed themselves, saying there's a "very good chance" the Times made it up, although they "probably" didn't. Near the end of the interview, Trump also went after his former chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, a key player in Woodward's book, saying, "I could tell stories about him like you wouldn't believe."

But it wasn't all threats and trash-talking. Trump did take a moment to laud some praise on Kanye West, calling him a "genius."

As Trump spoke, Florida was waking up to the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Michael, and Georgia was bracing for impact. The president defended his decision to hold a political rally on Wednesday even as the storm pummeled the Florida Panhandle, saying it would have been "unfair" to his supporters to cancel the Pennsylvania rally and that only his "haters" actually cared that he kept it on. He also said the recovery in Florida would "go fast."

The hosts of Fox & Friends attempted to wind down the interview with Trump a few times, finally bringing it to a close about 50 minutes after the president called in, with Steve Doocy telling Trump to "go run the country." Watch a small portion of Trump's interview below. Brendan Morrow

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