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September 24, 2020

FBI Director Christopher Wray has affirmed there's no proof of a national attempt to defraud the 2020 election.

On Wednesday, President Trump refused to say whether he would peacefully give up power if Democratic nominee Joe Biden is elected this fall, once again repeating baseless allegations that Democrats are running a "scam." But in sworn testimony before Congress on Thursday, Wray said he's seen no evidence of this happening.

While Wray takes "voter fraud and voter suppression ... seriously" and is committed to investigating those situations, "We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise," Wray said when questioned by Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.). He has seen instances of local voter fraud, but "to change a federal election outcome by mounting that kind of fraud at scale would be a major challenge," Wray added.

Wray was Trump's pick to replace James Comey as FBI director, but Trump has reportedly been considering ousting Wray for months. Trump also publicly disparaged Wray on Twitter after the director made it clear Russia was trying to interfere in the 2020 election. Kathryn Krawczyk

June 3, 2020

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is calling President Trump's threat to send the military to major cities "just another zig and zag deflection from the administration."

On Monday, Trump warned that if governors and mayors didn't do enough to quell protests, he would send "thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officials" to cities. Newsom brushed aside the threat, telling reporters on Wednesday, "It won't happen. It's not going to happen. We would reject it. We would push back against that."

Following requests from mayors like Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, Newsom has deployed 2,600 California National Guard troops to some parts of the state. Catherine Garcia

August 14, 2019

Guatemala is struggling to provide for its own people, president-elect Alejandro Giammattei said Tuesday, and there's no way the country will be able to support an influx of migrants.

During an interview with The Associated Press, Giammattei said the immigration agreement cobbled together in July by outgoing President Jimmy Morales and the Trump administration just won't work. Under the deal, migrants who cross into Guatemala on their way to the United States must apply for asylum there first; only if they are denied can they go on and request asylum in the U.S.

"In order to be a safe country, one has to be certified as such by an international body, and I do not think Guatemala fulfills the requirements to be a third safe country," Giammattei said. "That definition doesn't fit us. If we do not have the capacity for our own people, just imagine other people." Guatemalans are leaving the country in droves, escaping poverty and crime, and critics say it makes no sense to have people apply for asylum there. The deal was forged after the Trump administration threatened Guatemala with taxes.

Giammattei, a conservative, won a runoff election over the weekend, and will take office on Jan. 14, 2020. He told AP the way things are now, he has no reason to believe that undocumented migrants will stay away from the United States. "I do not think physical walls, or walls of weapons, can stop migration," he said. "I think what can stop migration are walls of opportunities." Catherine Garcia

July 10, 2019

Everyone at President Trump's National Doral Golf Club in Florida will remain fully clothed this weekend, as a strip-club-sponsored golf tournament has been canceled.

A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization said the event, sponsored by the Shadow Cabaret, was called off after the nonprofit it was supposed to benefit, Miami Allstars Foundation, pulled out. "The event was originally booked with the understanding that it would be raising money to support a local charity benefiting underprivileged children," she said. "Now that the charity has removed its affiliation, the event will no longer be taking place at our property and all amounts paid will be refunded."

Carlos Alamilla, the director of Miami Allstars, told Talking Points Memo he didn't realize it was a strip club sponsoring the event until The Washington Post called him on Tuesday. In advertisements for the tournament, golfers were told they could pay strippers to serve as their "caddy girl," which Alamilla said was just too much for him. "You can't mix kids with sex," he told TPM. "It just doesn't jibe." Catherine Garcia

August 14, 2017

On Monday, Texas A&M University canceled a white nationalist rally scheduled for Sept. 11, citing safety concerns.

"Texas A&M's support of the First Amendment and the freedom of speech cannot be questioned," the university said in a statement. "However, in this case circumstances and information relating to the event have changed and the risks of threat to life and safety compel us to cancel the event." The organizer of the "White Lives Matter" rally, Preston Wiginton, told The Texas Tribune he signed up to hold a rally on campus in a "free speech area," and he hadn't been told it was off. "I guess my lawyers will now be suing the state of Texas," he said.

A white nationalist rally Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, ended with a counter-protester being killed when she was hit by a car that drove into the crowd. State Rep. John Raney (R) announced the rally's cancelation on the floor of the Texas House, saying people on Facebook were claiming they would show up with weapons and the police "can't handle that." A spokesman for Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said his office had also been working with Texas A&M to "prevent the type of hate-filled event that we saw in Charlottesville." Catherine Garcia

August 4, 2017

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will have to make do practicing the foxtrot in the privacy of some bushes, because he won't be doing it on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, TMZ reports.

Spicer appreciated the offer to follow in the illustrious footsteps of previous GOP contenders like Energy Secretary Rick Perry and disgraced former House leader Tom DeLay, but he thinks he'll have an "overwhelming number of commitments in the fall," a person close to Spicer told TMZ, so he had to turn it down. There's also something else stopping him: His two left feet. "He's not a good dancer," the friend said.

It's too bad — Spicer could have had the largest audience to ever witness a short-tenured press secretary cha-cha on television, period. Catherine Garcia

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