not-so-good morning in vietnam
February 27, 2019

Four journalists were banned from covering President Trump's dinner with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after some of them shouted questions during an earlier meeting, reports The Washington Post.

Reporters from The Associated Press, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, and Reuters were not allowed at the dinner after Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed there were "sensitivities over shouted questions in previous sprays," per the Post.

This is the second instance of press corps members being banned from covering parts of the Trump-Kim summit after North Korean leaders objected to the media being at Kim's hotel.

North Korea, which is a totalitarian state, does not have a free press. Sanders did not specify whether the dinner restriction was made at the request of U.S. or North Korean officials, but AP reports that it was a White House decision. The White House Corespondents Association condemned the move, calling it "arbitrary" and "capricious." Marianne Dodson

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