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November 20, 2016

President Obama continued his international farewell tour in Peru on Saturday, meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and leaders of nine other nations. Obama sought to calm concerns about the incoming Donald Trump administration, encouraging Latin Americans not to assume the worst.

"Wait until the administration is in place, it's actually putting its policies together, and then you can make your judgments as to whether or not it's consistent with the international community's interest in living in peace and prosperity together," he said. "With respect to Latin America, I don't anticipate major changes in policy from the new administration," Obama added, noting that trade policy is an obvious exception.

Xi also expressed his hope for an amicable transition of power in America, calling this a "hinge moment" for Chinese-American relations. "I hope the two sides will work together," he said, "to focus on cooperation, manage our differences, and make sure there is a smooth transition in the relationship and that it will continue to grow going forward." Bonnie Kristian

July 7, 2016

President Obama departs for Europe on Thursday in what's likely his last presidential visit to the continent that's currently in turmoil over the Brexit vote. Obama will first head to Poland for the annual NATO summit in Warsaw, which will likely focus on Britain's vote to exit the European Union, recent terrorist incidences, the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and Russia's hostility. Obama spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of his departure, and he is set to meet with top European leaders upon his arrival to underscore America's "continued, very strong support for the European project which has been at the center of so much security and prosperity” worldwide, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said.

After the summit, Obama will head to Seville and Madrid to squeeze in his first presidential visit to Spain. Becca Stanek

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