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February 4, 2020

Rudy Giuliani expects President Trump to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday, and thinks he should celebrate by investigating a political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

"I would have no problem with him doing it," Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, told NPR. "In fact, I'd have a problem with him not doing it. I think he would be saying that Joe Biden can get away with selling out the United States, making us a fool in the Ukraine." Giuliani continues to believe in a debunked conspiracy theory that Biden wanted a Ukrainian prosecutor ousted because he planned on investigating the gas company Burisma; Biden's son Hunter was once on its board.

"I believe that it would be one of the great corrupt events in American history if this case is not investigated at the highest levels of two governments," Giuliani said, referring to the United States and Ukraine.

Trump's impeachment was triggered by his July 25 call with Ukrainian President Alexander Zelensky, during which he asked Zelensky to launch an investigation into Biden. The House impeachment managers say Trump froze military aid to Ukraine as a way of pressuring Zelensky into announcing investigations. Several Republican senators have said Trump acted inappropriately, including Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who told NBC's Chuck Todd what Trump did was "wrong" and "improper, crossing the line."

Giuliani pushed back, saying they "don't understand the facts. Lamar is wrong, and Lamar is a good friend of mine, and he's a fine man except he doesn't know all the facts." Catherine Garcia

November 15, 2019

Federal prosecutors are now looking into whether Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal lawyer, failed to register as a foreign agent and violated campaign finance laws, three U.S. officials told Bloomberg News.

The U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan reportedly began investigating Giuliani and his dealings in Ukraine after they launched a probe into two of his business associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Last month, Parnas and Fruman were arrested and charged with illegally funneling foreign money into U.S. campaigns. Parnas and Fruman worked with Giuliani in Ukraine, attempting to dig up dirt on Democrats.

Several top State Department officials have testified during the House impeachment inquiry that earlier this year, Giuliani was running a shadow campaign when it came to Ukraine. They said he spread rumors to force out then-Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, and was searching for any information that could damage Trump's potential political rivals.

Based on what they know about the matter, one U.S. official told Bloomberg News it is possible prosecutors could charge Giuliani with violating laws against bribing foreign officials or conspiracy. "I would not be surprised if he gets indicted," former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah told Bloomberg News. "It's clear Giuliani is up to his ears in shady stuff and there's tons of smoke." Catherine Garcia

October 16, 2019

When Rudy Giuliani attended former President George H.W. Bush's state funeral at Washington's National Cathedral last December, few people paid any heed to the obscure Florida businessman who accompanied him, evidently as his plus-one. But then his guest, Lev Parnas, was indicted and arrested last week along with a second Giuliani associate, Igor Fruman — who also may have been at the funeral with Giuliani — and Giuliani's funeral companion suddenly seemed noteworthy.

Parnas definitely "was not invited" to the funeral, Bush's son Jeb Bush told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday. "Rudy was and it is likely that he was Rudy’s guest. Disappointing."

Prosecutors in New York charged Parnas and Fruman with conspiracy and campaign finance violations, but they are also apparently examining political work the duo did in Ukraine with Giuliani to help President Trump politically. For added color, Fruman owns or owned part of a bar in Odessa, Ukraine, called Mafia Rave, and the Parnas firm that hired Giuliani is called Fraud Guarantee.

Giuliani denies all wrongdoing. Peter Weber

May 9, 2019

Fresh off of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election, Rudy Giuliani is going to Ukraine, where he will push a foreign power to continue investigations related to former Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

President Trump's lawyer told The New York Times on Thursday that while in Kiev, he will encourage Ukrainian prosecutors to continue two investigations of interest to Trump: one that looks at Biden's son Hunter's involvement in a gas company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch, and another regarding officials allegedly targeting Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, in order to benefit Hillary Clinton. Manafort, now a disbarred convicted felon, had done extensive work in Ukraine, and the officials deny opening any inquiries in order to assist Clinton.

"We're not meddling in an election, we're meddling in an investigation, which we have a right to do," Giuliani told the Times. "There's nothing illegal about it. Somebody could say it's improper. And this isn't foreign policy — I'm asking them to do an investigation that they're doing already and that other people are telling them to stop. And I'm going to give them reasons why they shouldn't stop it because that information will be very, very helpful to my client, and may turn out to be helpful to my government."

The investigations were launched under Ukraine's current president, Petro O. Poroshenko. President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian, will take office June 3, and Giuliani has set up interviews with people close to him in order to figure out if he will continue the probes, the Times reports. Giuliani wants the investigations to both discredit the Mueller report and undermine the cases against Manafort, and told the Times Trump is supporting him on his quest. Catherine Garcia

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