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April 4, 2016

Nine Duke University students have been camping out in the school's administration building since Friday afternoon, The News & Observer reports. About 80 protesters have joined the students outside the building. They're calling for the firing of three administrators, new terms for subcontractor employees, and a $15 hourly minimum wage for Duke employees.

It all stems back to an incident from nearly two years ago, in which Executive Vice President Tallman Trask hit a parking attendant, Shelvia Underwood, with his car. When Underwood asked Trask to produce a permit so he could proceed with parking before the football game, he allegedly used a racial slur against her. The students want Trask and two other officials involved with the case dismissed.

"We don't fire people because somebody demands it," said university spokesman Michael Schoenfeld. "We have a process for employment issues, for other kinds of disciplinary issues, and if there is a process to be followed, then the process will be followed." Julie Kliegman

January 9, 2016

The University of Virginia gang rape Rolling Stone reported in a now-retracted 2014 story was rooted in a catfishing scheme, a former friend of Jackie, the purported rape victim, told The Washington Post on Friday.

Days after meeting Jackie in 2012, Ryan Duffin said he started receiving texts from a friend of Jackie's named Haven Monahan. Then, Jackie told Duffin, who she was reportedly romantically interested in, that on a date with Monahan, he forced her to perform oral sex to five upperclassmen, and he and two other friends met with her that night for support. Charlottesville police later said no one with Monahan's name had attended the university.

"It's weird to think that an entire portion of my life was consumed by these events that, looking back, looks so dumb," Duffin told the Post. "Given the way everything's turned out, I don't think that's the way I want to describe it, but I had a lot of naïveté three years ago. It's just weird all around." Julie Kliegman

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