planely speaking
March 14, 2019

No one should make fun of President Trump for his plane opinions, one Fox News commentator suggests, because he owns a private yet.

Fox News' The Five on Wednesday discussed Trump's announcement that Boeing 737 MAX planes would be grounded in the United States, which came after he complained on Twitter that airplanes are "becoming far too complex to fly" and that "old and simpler is far better."

Fox's Katie Pavlich defended Trump against the baffled reactions to statements like these, per Mediaite. "To give President Trump some credit, everyone's like, 'Oh, what does he know about planes?' The guy's owned planes his entire life," said Pavlich, "and when you own a private plane, you know about the way it functions."

Not everyone on The Five bought this explanation, with Fox News' Kennedy chiming in to say the tweets made the president sound like he was saying, "Get off my lawn."

In private, Trump, who also owned an airline for three years, has mused that the Boeing 737 MAX "sucked" and is not nearly as good as his private jet, The Washington Post reports, writing that the president in recent days has "played the role of aviation expert, despite having no formal training in aeronautics." Brendan Morrow

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