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March 23, 2015

The long-gestating reboot of the 1994 gothic thriller The Crow has finally found its leading man. Deadline reports that Jack Huston, best known for his supporting role in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, has closed a deal to star in the project.

The reboot of The Crow has been kicking around, in one form or another, for many years. Since the project was first teased in 2008, at least a half-dozen actors — including Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Luke Evans — have been rumored for the role.

The original The Crow starred Brandon Lee, who died in an on-set accident during filming. Later sequels starred Vincent Perez, Erc Mabius, and Edward Furlong. Scott Meslow

March 20, 2015

Some stories are timeless. Take Romeo and Juliet. It's been well over 400 years since Shakespeare wrote the definitive version of the tragic love story, but it still shows up in everything from straight-up adaptations to modernized riffs like West Side Story or High School Musical.

Perhaps it's no great surprise, then, that a Hollywood studio is about to deliver the grim, gritty Romeo and Juliet action movie absolutely no one has been asking for. Sony is in final negotiations to pick up the spec script for Verona, which reimagines Romeo and Juliet by setting it "an epic, 300-style world" — because if there's one complaint people had about 300, it was the lack of a tragic love story.

Anyone who can't wait for Verona to hit theaters can get their gritty, vaguely Shakespearean action fix by snapping up a battered VHS copy of Romeo Must Die at their local Blockbuster Video's liquidation sale. Scott Meslow

March 10, 2015

Disney's ongoing quest to remake all the animated movies in its vault — because who wants to go to the trouble of coming up with new ideas? — has hit upon a new and unlikely candidate. A live-action remake of Dumbo is on the way, because sometimes movie titles are also descriptions of the ideas that spawned them.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ehren Kruger — best known for writing the last three Transformers movies — has already written the live-action Dumbo screenplay. Tim Burton will direct. No word on casting, but come on, like Johnny Depp isn't going to be in this thing.

Look, Disney, we get it. Alice in Wonderland made a billion dollars despite being completely terrible. Maleficent cast the one actress in the world capable of playing a razor-cheekboned sorceress. And the new Cinderella is supposed to be pretty good!

But come on, Disney, quit while you're ahead. No one needs to see two actual dogs slobber over an actual plate of spaghetti, or watch Bambi's actual mom get actual shot with an actual rifle. And no one needs to watch an actual adorable baby elephant get abused for an actual hour and a half. Scott Meslow

February 24, 2015

If you remember Power Rangers at all, you probably remember a bunch of people in cheesy, colorful costumes punching people in even cheesier rubber monster costumes. It's not exactly the most fertile ground for a grim re-imagining — but in this reboot-happy movie culture, director Joseph Kahn has taken a crack at it anyway with POWER/RANGERS:

All the ingredients for a gritty, hard-R reboot are here: loads of cursing, gallons of blood, and a dubstep remix of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme. The story is carried out by an impressive (and surprisingly committed) cast that includes James Van Der Beek and Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff.

For now, POWER/RANGERS is just a short film, but come on —  can't you see Hollywood taking a crack at this on the big screen? Scott Meslow

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