May 7, 2019

Water is turning heel.

The chemical substance, comprised of oxygen and hydrogen, has long been known for its ability to sustain life. But former Netflix creative director Mike Cessario wants the colorless, odorless liquid to tap into its darker side, so he's introducing a new product called Liquid Death.

While drinking water's new role as the villain might seem unnecessary and take some getting used to, Cessario has had quite a bit of success in his career, successfully marketing some of Netflix's crown jewels, like Stranger Things and Narcos. So give him a chance to make this work.

Cessario told Business Insider that his canned water was inspired by his days playing in a punk rock band — in particular, he wanted to appeal to the straight-edge punk crowd, who abstain from drugs and alcohol.

However, he also mentioned that his product, which, again, is water, can appeal to any demographic. Read more at Business Insider. Tim O'Donnell

April 3, 2017

AOL and Yahoo are so 2000. Verizon, which is hip and cool, has reportedly decided to merge Yahoo with AOL under the new name "Oath," a person familiar with the talks has told Business Insider.

Without confirming the rebranding, an AOL spokesperson said that "in the summer of 2017, you can bet we will be launching one of the most disruptive brand companies in digital." Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 for $4.4 billion; it acquired Yahoo last year for $4.85 billion.

Like many rebranding attempts, this one is not going over so well just yet:

Business Insider adds that "it's unclear if the Yahoo name will live on at all for any part of the internet business that will be run by AOL. However, we expect to see a big new branding campaign in the coming week, along with more details about the new company." Read more about why Verizon picked up ailing Yahoo last year at The Week. Jeva Lange

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