April 3, 2020

The Fyre Festival guy — AKA Billy McFarland — has a new venture that he promises isn't "a scam."

Speaking to the New York Post from prison, where he was sentenced to six years in 2018 over wire fraud related to the failed fest, McFarland said, "I'm launching an initiative called Project-315 to bring together and connect in-need inmates and their families who are affected by coronavirus. We're going to pay for calls for as many incarcerated people across the country as possible." A fellow inmate, Jebriel, vouched for McFarland, telling the Post "I wanted to hear [my father's] voice, and Billy helped me out."

But even McFarland admitted "it's totally reasonable that people would think this is a scam," stressing "the good thing is, this isn't for me. It's for the families of inmates."

And if you're still on the fence, McFarland added in a letter: "To clarify … I am not touching any of the money." Jeva Lange

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