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April 8, 2021

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) tweeted a short message to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) on Thursday night: Resign.

The Justice Department is investigating Gaetz, 38, and whether he had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel out of state with him. In his tweet calling on Gaetz to resign, Kinzinger also linked to a new Daily Beast report about the allegations against Gaetz and Joel Greenberg, a Gaetz associate and the former tax collector for Seminole County, Florida. Gaetz has denied having sex with a 17-year-old.

Kinzinger, a moderate, is now the first Republican member of Congress to publicly say Gaetz needs to step down. Kinzinger was one of the few party members who publicly criticized former President Donald Trump. In February, he earned the ire of Gaetz, a staunch Trump supporter, who used expletives to respond to reports that Kinzinger planned on launching a super PAC targeting far-right members of the GOP. Catherine Garcia

August 8, 2018

The Trump administration will impose new sanctions against Russia over its use of a nerve agent in an attack against an ex-spy in Britain, officials told NBC News on Wednesday.

State Department officials said Russia violated international law when it poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal in March. The Kremlin has denied that it was behind the chemical attack, reports The Associated Press, but the U.K., Germany, France, and the U.S. banded together to say it was "highly likely" that Russia was responsible. Shortly after the attack, the Trump administration kicked dozens of Russian diplomats out of the U.S. to punish the Kremlin for the alleged crime.

The new sanctions will ban export licenses for electronic devices used for national security, which could affect hundreds of millions of dollars in future exports, and will likely downgrade diplomatic relations and air travel abilities in the coming months. The sanctions are expected to take effect within the next two weeks. Read more at NBC News. Summer Meza

July 10, 2018

Operation "Make American Idiot Great Again" is underway, and so far, it's a success.

When President Trump arrives in England later this week for his first visit while in office, he might not want to turn on any radios or check any of the charts, as there's a social media campaign to make Green Day's 2004 song "American Idiot" the No. 1 single during his trip. Over the weekend, the song — a critique of the media coverage surrounding the Iraq War — entered the Top 10 on Britain's iTunes and Amazon charts, and Chart Data reports that on Monday, "American Idiot" also made a comeback on the official singles charts; it's now in the Top 20.

The Brits aren't the only ones trolling Trump with the track; last week, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) suggested that if Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was going to gift North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a CD of Elton John's song "Rocket Man," Kim should reciprocate with "American Idiot." Catherine Garcia

July 2, 2018

In June, President Trump sent strongly worded letters to the leaders of several NATO countries, calling on them to increase their defense spending before the United States runs out of patience.

Trump sent letters to Canada, Norway, Belgium, and Germany, and a person who saw the note to German Chancellor Angela Merkel told The New York Times Trump wrote there is "a growing frustration in the United States that some allies have not stepped up as promised. Continued German underspending on defense undermines the security of the alliance and provides validation for other allies that also do not plan to meet their military spending commitments, because others see you as a role model."

In 2014 during a summit in Wales, NATO members committed to spending two percent of gross domestic product on national defense, but not every country has done so. The next NATO summit will start July 11 in Brussels. Catherine Garcia

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