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August 11, 2020

It is mathematically impossible for Kanye West to win the 2020 presidential election, but he is still running — with help from some Republicans who don't appear to be motivated by hopes for a President Kanye. It isn't clear what West is thinking.

West has told Forbes he's fine if his last-minute campaign siphoned votes off from Democrat Joe Biden and helped his friend President Trump win re-election. "I'm not denying it, I just told you," he told Forbes in July. "To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy." Last Thursday, he told Fobes he is "walking" for president, and when it was pointed out to him that he can only act as spoiler in 2020, West replied: "I'm not going to argue with you. Jesus is King."

Getting on the ballot in all 50 states takes work and expertise, and West has already missed his chances to appear on the ballot in California, Florida, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. It's not clear his petition for Wisconsin was submitted on time, but it was dropped off by Lane Ruhland, a lawyer whose clients include the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and other GOP candidates.

A GOP-linked law firm submitted West's petition in Ohio, and a longtime GOP operative in Colorado, Rachel George, asked at least one Republican strategist last week: "Would you help me get Kanye West on the ballot in Colorado? No, I am not joking, and I realize this is hilarious," according to an email obtained by Vice News.

It isn't clear if West and his unorthodox Birthday Party will actually help Trump or hurt Biden, but "it's possible" he could tip the election, Nathan Gonzales, editor and publisher of the nonpartisan guide Inside Elections, tells the Los Angeles Times. "We don't know how close the most important states will be. We don't know if he will be on the ballot. And we certainly don't know how many votes he would receive," Gonzales added. "For people to say, 'Oh, Kanye is Black so he'll take Black voters from Biden' is a gross oversimplification of a more complex situation."

Part of the complexity is about West himself. After a bizarre South Carolina rally, West's wife, Kim Kardashian West, pointed to her husband's bipolar disorder and asked for "compassion and empathy." Peter Weber

November 11, 2019

It's safe to say the Game of Thrones ending proved a little polarizing for anyone whose favorite character wasn't Bran. (Yes, we see you! All 12 of you!)

But if you were a little let down by the finale of the HBO series, take solace in the wisdom of the Mother of Dragons herself, who says expectations were so high that there's no ending that "would have made everyone happy." Emilia Clarke also says she doesn't plan to act alongside dragons again anytime soon, so temper your expectations for Last Christmas accordingly. Read more at Indiewire. Scott Meslow

November 1, 2019

Welcome to this week's episode of Jane Fonda's climate protest.

In this fourth edition, the iconic actor and activist brings fellow actors Rosanna Arquette and Catherine Keener to Washington, D.C. for a climate protest. And — predictable plot point alert — it all ends with them getting arrested.

Fonda first took to Capitol Hill in early October, pledging to get arrested every Friday for 14 weeks to protest climate change inaction by the U.S. government. And after her first successful arrest, she started including some celebrity pals: her Grace and Frankie costar Sam Waterston, and then Cheers' Ted Danson, who looked delighted to be there. This week, it was Arquette and Keener who joined Fonda inside the Hart Senate Office Building for a sit-in before their eventual zip-tie handcuff treatment.

Camera-shy climate protesters who may have stayed away from Fonda's celebrity-packed events may want to reconsider next week. Fonda says she's bringing the namesake founders of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and they'll be providing dessert. Kathryn Krawczyk

May 6, 2019

If you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you'll want to swing away from the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer as fast as possible.

Sony on Monday debuted a new trailer for the upcoming sequel, which is so heavy with spoilers for Avengers: Endgame that it actually opens with a warning from Tom Holland. Major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame will follow.

It soon becomes clear why that warning was necessary, as literally the first shot is Peter Parker in mourning, making clear that the film will heavily focus on how Peter grapples with the loss of his mentor. Not well, clearly. "Everywhere I go, I see his face," Peter says, referring to Tony Stark.

Happy Hogan suggests that Peter could be Tony's successor, but Peter is reluctant, just wanting to enjoy a school trip even as Nick Fury tries to recruit him for an Iron Man-level mission.

Far From Home will explore the fallout of Endgame in more ways than one, though. In a jaw-dropping reveal, Nick Fury tells Peter that Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is from another Earth, as "the snap tore a hole in our dimension." The word "multiverse" is dropped here, as it was in Doctor Strange.

What's odd about this is that Endgame suggested other timelines would be created as a result of time travel, not of Thanos' snap, leading some fans to believe Mysterio is lying to Fury. If not, the introduction of other characters from the multiverse could be the start of something huge for Marvel.

Either way, it looks like Far From Home will be functioning as something of an epilogue to Marvel's Infinity Saga and the official end of the studio's third phase. The film opens on July 2. Brendan Morrow

September 18, 2018

Following months of speculation over how Roseanne Barr's character would be written out of the upcoming Roseanne spinoff The Conners, the comedian just casually spoiled it.

During a recent appearance on the YouTube talk show Walk Away, Barr, who was fired from ABC over a racist tweet in May, said that her character dies of an opioid overdose in The Conners, the new series that's almost exactly the same show as Roseanne but without Barr's involvement. Barr added that she's not happy with her character's fate. "It's so cynical and horrible," she said, per Deadline. "She should have died as a hero or not at all."

Some fans had already guessed this was coming, as the last season of Roseanne involved the title character being addicted to painkillers, which she takes to deal with a knee injury. By the end of the season, she is preparing to undergo surgery, so presumably, that surgery, and the subsequent overdose, will happen off-screen between Roseanne and The Conners.

Barr also suggested that killing off her character like this is an "insult" to "the people who loved that family and that show." The Conners will premiere on Oct. 16 on ABC. Brendan Morrow

August 16, 2017

HBO accidentally posted the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones four days early. For "a brief time" Tuesday, the sixth episode of Season 7, slated to air Sunday, was available online in Spain and in Nordic countries, HBO acknowledged in a statement. Of course, the episode was promptly circulated on Reddit and posted on YouTube and other streaming services before HBO quickly took it down.

This time, the slip up was HBO's fault — not leakers'. In a statement, HBO said that the upcoming Game of Thrones episode was "accidentally posted" on the HBO Nordic and HBO España platforms. "The error appears to have originated with a third-party vendor and the episode was removed as soon as it was recognized. This is not connected to the recent cyber incident at HBO in the U.S.," HBO said.

HBO was referring to a recent breach in which hackers claim to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of information from the network, including, allegedly, unreleased TV series and proprietary files. On top of that leak, four people were arrested this week in India for leaking the fourth episode of Season 7 two days before its scheduled broadcast two weeks ago. Becca Stanek

December 22, 2015

While most Star Wars fans take the threat of spoilers seriously, some apparently take it more seriously than others. When 18-year-old Arthur Charles Roy saw a spoiler for a subplot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Facebook, the Montana teen responded by sending his online pal a photo of him holding a gun, complete with a threat that he would come to the victim's school to shoot him.

The threat prompted the shutdown of the victim's alternative high school in Helena, Montana; Roy was arrested and charged with felony assault with a weapon Monday. But if there's one place that's likely free from Star Wars spoilers, it's jail — Roy is still in being held on $10,000 bail. Becca Stanek

September 20, 2015

Some disgruntled television viewers learned a lesson Sunday night: If you want to avoid spoilers, don't watch the Emmys.

During the middle of the ceremony, a video montage aired that — spoiler! — revealed what happened during the series finale of shows like — spoiler! — Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, and Parenthood (Spoiler! Almost everyone dies!). Afterward, host Andy Samberg said — spoiler! — "Welcome back to the Spoiler Awards," a joke that didn't go over too well with some people.

For those who don't care about spoilers or don't have time to watch every season of Glee before re-entering the world, watch the video below. Catherine Garcia

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