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February 3, 2020

Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show seemingly did feature a tribute to Kobe Bryant as promised, albeit a much subtler one than expected.

After Jennifer Lopez and Shakira teased a "heartfelt" moment honoring the late Los Angeles Lakers star during Sunday's halftime show, viewers came away confused at the apparent lack of one by the end of the performance. But CNN and The Hollywood Reporter observed the halftime show did seem to include a tribute to Bryant: when "Let's Get Loud" began, a cross was lit up in the Los Angeles Lakers' colors.

During a press conference ahead of the halftime show, Lopez recalled being in the middle of rehearsing last week when she heard the news that Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others were tragically killed in a helicopter crash. "I think it's just affecting everybody so much because it's just reminding us how fragile life is and how we have to appreciate every single moment," she noted, per The Hollywood Reporter. Outside of the halftime show, a moment of silence for Bryant was also observed prior to the start of the game Sunday.

Watch the apparent Bryant tribute in the halftime show below. Brendan Morrow

February 2, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

It was a comeback win in Miami. In the fourth quarter, Kansas City was down 10 points, but quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdown passes, giving the Chiefs the lead and ultimate win. Mahomes was named the Super Bowl's MVP.

This is the first Super Bowl win for the Chiefs since 1970. Kansas City Coach Andy Reid has spent 21 years with the NFL, winning 221 games, and this is his first title. Catherine Garcia

February 2, 2020

Super Bowl LIV promises a lot of excitement on the field of play Sunday once the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs kickoff in Miami at 6:30 p.m. E.T. on Fox. But the sidelines offer their own intrigue. Sunday offers a chance at redemption for Kansas City head coach Andy Reid and his counterpart in San Francisco, Kyle Shanahan.

It's harsh to suggest Shanahan has Super Bowl demons he needs to get rid of. This is just his third year as a head coach and he's only 40-years-old, so it looks like he'll be coaching for a long time. But he still likely has a sour taste in his mouth from 2017 when he was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons and watched his offense sputter in the second half as Atlanta blew a 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots. Shanahan's normally revered play-calling — fairly or unfairly — received some of the blame for the collapse in the immediate aftermath. He's got an opportunity to shed that part of his growing legacy.

Long considered one of the great offensive minds in the game, Reid puts competitive teams together year in and year out, but he's dealt with as much postseason heartbreak as any coach in the modern era. From 2001 to 2003, his Philadelphia Eagles lost three straight NFC title games, before finally breaking through in 2004, only to lose the Super Bowl against, you guessed it, the Patriots.

The well-loved Reid gets a lot of props for his play-calling, but his late-game decision-making is often the source of ridicule, particularly his clock management in the postseason. He doesn't have to worry about that as much these days thanks to playmakers like quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. If that group can pull it off, Reid's Hall of Fame chances will start to look like a lock. Tim O'Donnell

January 30, 2020

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira promise a high-energy, groundbreaking 12-minute performance during their upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

During a press conference Thursday in Miami, Lopez said this will be the first time two Latinas headline the show, and "that statement alone to me is empowering. When I think of my daughter, when I think of all the little girls in the world, to be able to have that, to see that two Latinas are doing this in this country at this time, it's just very empowering for us."

The game will be played Sunday in Miami, and Shakira said that is "so, so special, because Miami is a city full of energy, it's an important nest for the Latino community and it's been a viable city for me because a huge part of my career was forged here."

The halftime show will include a tribute to late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, a friend of Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. "Life is so fragile," Shakira said. "And that's why we have to live every moment as intensely as we can. And I think we'll all be remembering Kobe on Sunday. And we'll be celebrating life and celebrating diversity in this country. I'm sure he'll be very proud to see the message that we're going to try to convey onstage." Catherine Garcia

January 20, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans 35-24 to win the AFC Championship game on Sunday, earning the team its first spot in the Super Bowl in half a century, NPR noted. The Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers, who defeated the Green Bay Packers 37-20 in the NFC Championship game. The Chiefs came back from a 17-7 deficit in the first half. Kansas City was led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He threw for three touchdowns and a total of 294 yards, including a 60-yard completion to wide receiver Sammy Watkins in the fourth quarter that helped seal the victory. "We're not done yet," Mahomes said. The 49ers earned their trip to professional football's Feb. 2 championship game with help from running back Raheem Mostert, who scored three touchdowns in the first half. Harold Maass

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