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August 19, 2019

Michael Bennet, the nation turns its lonely eyes to you. At least, the Des Moines Register wants it to.

Iowa's largest paper published a flattering editorial centered around the Democratic senator from Colorado, who's running an under-the-radar presidential campaign, after he sat down with the paper for an interview.

The Register did not endorse Bennet, but the paper implored Iowa caucusgoers to give him more attention, arguing that he "offers a much-needed reality check on the promises candidates are offering and what it will take to accomplish meaningful change." One of the editorial board members called Bennet a "truth-teller" who doesn't "mince words about why everything is screwed up."

The editorial board did, however, acknowledge that Bennet "spends far more time talking about the problems than how he would solve them as president," but overall their impression appears to be positive.

CNN's Chris Cillizza, apparently, sees their point.

The recommendation feels like a nice bonus for Bennet, but his campaign is lagging and he has yet to qualify for the September debate, which could make it difficult for him to raise his profile. Even still, he might not bow out of the race, which could give Iowans some more time to consider him in February. Tim O'Donnell

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