take it to the streets
February 2, 2019

Venezuelan opposition leader and U.S.-backed interim president Juan Guaidó called for large-scale rallies of his supporters across the country Saturday in continued protest of embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaidó is pushing Maduro to call a snap election, and several European nations have indicated they will follow Washington in recognizing Guaidó as president of Venezuela if Maduro does not comply by Sunday. "We'll see you in the streets tomorrow, Venezuela," Guaidó said in a video message Friday. "We're doing well. We're doing very well."

Venezuelan Air Force General Francisco Yanez threw his weight behind Guaidó's cause Saturday as demonstrators assembled, saying in a video posted to Twitter that most of the military opposes Maduro. "People of Venezuela, 90 percent of the armed forces of Venezuela are not with the dictator; they are with the people of Venezuela," Yanez said. "Given the happenings of the last few hours, already the transition to democracy is imminent."

Yanez is the first active general to publicly break with Maduro, and the Air Force high command promptly accused him of treason. Bonnie Kristian

June 4, 2018

Saudi Arabia on Monday issued its first-ever driving licenses to women, granting 10 Saudi women with Kingdom-approved licenses. The cards, doled out by Saudi Arabia's General Directorate of Traffic, will allow women to drive in the Kingdom.

The women were already in possession of foreign driving licenses, Arab News explains, and those foreign licenses will be replaced by Saudi ones. The women were subject to a practical driving test before eventually receiving their new licenses Monday.

A royal decree in September 2017 first announced an end to the ban on women driving, and Saudi women with valid Kingdom licenses will be allowed to take to the roads starting June 24. Watch video of the first woman receiving her license Monday below, courtesy of Arab News. Kimberly Alters

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