the $10 million egg
January 31, 2019

The guys who promoted Fyre Festival have had a new mission in recent weeks: trying to broker a potentially multi-million dollar deal over a photo of an egg.

The Atlantic reports that Jerry Media, best known for promoting the disastrous 2017 music festival and for recently producing a Netflix documentary on it, worked unofficially with whomever is responsible for the Instagram account World Record Egg, which earlier this month managed to get an unremarkable photo of a completely ordinary egg the most Instagram likes ever. The account since then has continued to post pictures showing the egg with more and more cracks, leading to speculation over what will emerge from it.

Now, everyone's trying to cash in on the baffling phenomenon, and in the wildest example, Jerry Media reportedly pitched Tom Steyer's anti-Trump organization Need to Impeach on the idea of having the egg ultimately crack open to reveal the words "Impeach Trump," with Trump himself appearing and doing the chicken dance. Jerry Media's CEO confirmed the story, but it sounds like Need to Impeach didn't take it that seriously, with a spokesperson for Steyer telling The Atlantic, "I probably get 20 to 25 crazy ideas a week."

It's unclear how much Jerry Media wanted Need to Impeach to pay, but one expert told The Atlantic such an ad would be worth "at least $10 million," while others said it would be more valuable than advertising during the Super Bowl. Brendan Morrow

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