the department formerly known as state
September 10, 2018

If President Trump is still looking to kill a few federal departments, he may want to take a look at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's new Instagram account.

Yes, America's top diplomat launched an Instagram account Monday — and it's quite a sight. Pompeo has so far posted a superbly edited departmental seal that rebrands the Department of State as the "Department of Swagger" and features Pompeo's photo in the middle. The caption includes a definitely not ironic usage of #swagger:

That's not all. Pompeo, perhaps unaware that you can now include multiple photos in a single Instagram post, opted to create a collage of himself, William Shakespeare, and General George Patton. They're all noteworthy users of #swagger, says Pompeo, who appears twice in the collage.

It's all real, and it's all endorsed in a tweet from Pompeo. Justin Bieber fans of yesteryear — and, uh, everyone else — do with this information what you will. Kathryn Krawczyk

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