the evidence is right here
June 11, 2019

Don't believe that President Trump has a brand new deal with Mexico? Well, he wants everyone to know that the proof is in his pocket.

Tump was a bit miffed by a New York Times report published over the weekend, which said that the major terms of the immigration agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that caused him to retract his tariff threats were actually negotiated months ago by the former Homeland Security secretary, Kirjsten Nielsen. Since then, he has called the report a false one, argued that the deal was new, and teased that there was information in the final agreement that has not yet been revealed.

So, in order to dispel any rumors that questioned the validity of his claims, Trump pulled a folded piece of paper out of his jacket, proudly displaying it in front of a group of reporters. He told them it was one page of the deal with Mexico, but, despite the reporters' pleas, the president would not hand the paper over for analysis. He was just keeping everyone on their toes. Tim O'Donnell

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