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October 8, 2019

The White House's biggest liar is reportedly trying to tattle on everyone else.

It's no secret that President Trump doesn't love leakers, judging by how fiercely he's trying to figure out the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower (who didn't technically leak, by the way). That's why as his presidency continues, Trump has verged closer and closer to ordering staffers to take polygraph tests anytime a major scoop leaks, four former White House officials tell Politico.

Talk of polygraphs started just weeks into his presidency, when Trump's calls with leaders in Mexico and Australia leaked, a former National Security Council official tells Politico. Then-Deputy White House Counsel Stefan Passantino even says he looked into whether Trump could legally order polygraphs, but "quickly concluded it was not a thing to do," he said in a text. But that hasn't stopped Trump from "constantly" bringing up the polygraph possibilities whenever a major story leaks, especially when he knows the story is true, a second former official says.

Several studies and reports have indicated that polygraphs can be easily manipulated or "beaten," meaning they're not the most accurate way for Trump to hunt out the leakers. Still, some White House officials have "volunteered to take a polygraph to prove their innocence after they were suspected of leaking," a third former official tells Politico.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said she has "never heard suggesting polygraphs as a way to stop leaks." Read more at Politico. Kathryn Krawczyk

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