two can play at that game
May 16, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio jumped into the 2020 race on Thursday and immediately took a page out of President Trump's playbook.

De Blasio spoke with Good Morning America for his first televised interview after his 2020 announcement. The appearance may have only been a few minutes long, but the mayor still managed to squeeze in two usages of his rhyming nickname for the president.

"Donald Trump is playing a big con on America," de Blasio said. "I call him Con Don. Every New Yorker knows he's a con artist."

A few minutes later, de Blasio repeated the nickname for Trump while arguing the president has "conned us into thinking he's on the side of the working people when he's really on the side of the one percent."

Trump has yet to respond with his own nickname for de Blasio, although he tweeted on Thursday morning that de Blasio is "considered the worst mayor in the U.S." and "NYC HATES HIM!" Trump apparently wasn't up on the latest developments, though, considering he wrote that de Blasio "will supposedly be making an announcement" even though that announcement came about two hours earlier.

Other topics covered in de Blasio's Good Morning America interview included a recent Quinnipiac poll in which 76 percent of New York City voters said they didn't want de Blasio to run, which the mayor shrugged off by saying that "the poll that actually matters is the election." Brendan Morrow

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