April 2, 2019

At least 10 mourners were injured Monday night when a Los Angeles vigil for rapper Nipsey Hussle ended in a stampede.

Hussle was shot and killed Sunday afternoon in front of his store, Marathon Clothing. Hundreds of people were gathered there Monday when suddenly, things became chaotic, and people began running in all directions, the Los Angeles Times reports. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said no shots were fired, and it's not clear what triggered the stampede.

At least 10 people were taken to area hospitals, including two people in critical condition. The Los Angeles Fire Department said one person was treated for a stab wound. DeAndre Harvey told the Times the vigil was peaceful, with fans sharing stories about Hussle. A fight then broke out, he said, and when several glass candles were knocked over and shattered, some people in the crowd started yelling that someone was shooting. Catherine Garcia

September 6, 2018

On Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right Brazilian presidential candidate, was stabbed in Minas Gerais while campaigning, his son tweeted.

Flavio Bolsonaro said his father sustained damage to his liver, lung, and intestine. "He lost a lot of blood," he said, and was "almost dead" when he arrived at a local hospital. Bolsonaro's running mate, Gen. Antonio Hamilton Mourao, told Reuters he is now in serious but stable condition. "He underwent surgery, which was successful and he is doing okay," Mourao said. "But his state remains delicate."

Video recorded during Bolsonaro's campaign stop shows him being carried on a person's shoulders, surrounded by supporters. A knife is then seen being raised in the air, then plunging into Bolsonaro's abdomen, Reuters reports. Brazil's Federal Police released a statement saying officers were accompanying Bolsonaro when the attack took place, and the "aggressor" was caught and detained. The incident is now under investigation. Catherine Garcia

August 27, 2017

Police in Berkeley, California, arrested at least 14 people Sunday afternoon after clashes broke out between a small group of President Trump supporters and anti-facist protesters.

The afternoon started peacefully, with thousands of protesters gathering outside the Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, calling for unity and condemning white supremacy. The Los Angeles Times reports that as the day went on, shoving matches started to break out between the Trump supporters and antifa demonstrators, and dozens of antifa members beat up a man who was at the park with Joey Gibson, the founder of the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer. The Times says they also threatened to break the cameras of people who filmed them.

Several counter-protesters were vocal about their displeasure with the antifa, including Andrew Noruk, who told the Times they were giving right-wing groups the violent reaction they wanted to capture on video. "We can't keep producing this audio-visual propaganda," he said. "It is recruiting for the right." Catherine Garcia

October 16, 2016

Unknown vandals threw a firebomb through the window of a GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, early Sunday and spray painted a swastika and the words "Nazi Republicans get out of town or else" on an adjacent building, local officials said.

Inside the headquarters of the Orange County GOP, furniture, campaign signs, and supplies were destroyed. Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the state Republican Party, told The Charlotte Observer it was an act of "political terrorism," and the office is a "total loss." He also said he was grateful that "nobody was killed, and they very well could have been."

Hillary Clinton's campaign tweeted Sunday that the attack was "horrific and unacceptable. Very grateful that everyone is safe." Lacking any evidence, Donald Trump sent out his own tweet, saying, "animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning." An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released Friday found Clinton leading Trump by 4 points in North Carolina. Catherine Garcia

August 16, 2016

One of the men abducted from an upscale restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, early Monday is the son of drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a Mexican prosecutor said Tuesday.

Jesus Alfredo Guzman, 29, was one of six men taken from the La Leche restaurant by seven gunmen, who burst into the building and ushered the victims into SUVs waiting outside. Jalisco state Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer said Monday the abducted men were "people tied to a criminal group, we can very clearly presume," and told Radio Formula on Tuesday "several of them had false identities." The Associated Press reports that the largest criminal organization in the area is the Jalisco New Generational cartel, which rivals Guzman's Sinaloa cartel "as the most powerful of Mexico's drug gangs."

In 2015, El Chapo used a mile-long tunnel to escape a maximum-security prison, and was captured in January. He is now awaiting extradition to the United States. Catherine Garcia

March 16, 2016

Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman sentenced in November to almost 16 years in prison for possessing child pornography and traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor, was allegedly attacked in late January in the prison yard.

The Jan. 29 assault at the Englewood Prison in Colorado left Fogle with cuts and bruises on his face, a bloody nose, and neck abrasions, People reports. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons would not confirm the attack, but the brother of the man who purportedly attacked Fogle confirmed that it happened and said his brother, Steven Nigg, started it because he "just can't be around child molesters. He doesn't like them."

Records supplied to People by Nigg's family show that Nigg allegedly knocked Fogle to the ground, then began to punch him. Nigg, 60, is in prison on weapons charges, and is due for release in 2024. Nigg walked away from the fight with a scrape on his knee and cut on his hand, and his brother said he was placed in solitary confinement for 10 days. Fogle's attorney declined comment to People. Catherine Garcia

February 11, 2016

In Mexico, at least 49 inmates were killed during a brawl that broke out late Wednesday at an overcrowded prison.

The melee at the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey lasted for 30 to 40 minutes, and left 12 people injured, five seriously, Nuevo Leon state Gov. Jaime Rodriguez said. The inmates used bats, sticks, and blades in the riot, and set fire to a supply room. Rodriguez said the brawl stemmed from a dispute between two rival members of the Zetas drug cartel over who controlled the prison. The prison houses 3,800 inmates, double its capacity, with 100 guards, Rodriguez said. No inmates escaped, and federal police and troops were deployed to restore order.

One of the inmates was shot and killed by a guard protecting a group of women, Rodriguez told Radio Imagen. Outside the prison, family members demanded to know the fate of their relatives inside, including Ernestina Grimaldo, whose son is a prisoner. "We want to know how our relatives are doing because they are telling us that there are more than 50 dead and no authority is giving us answers," she told Agence France-Presse. Pope Francis is traveling to Mexico on Friday, and will visit another infamous prison in Ciudad Juarez. Catherine Garcia

April 13, 2015

Two security guards were killed outside of the South Korean embassy in Tripoli Sunday, after gunmen inside of a vehicle fired 40 machine-gun rounds at a guard post.

Another guard was injured in the attack, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said. There were two diplomats and another South Korean national inside the embassy at the time of the incident, but they were not hurt. Two hours after the attack, a group calling itself the Tripoli chapter of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter, but the claim has not been verified by authorities.

On Monday, hours after the shooting, a bomb exploded outside of the non-operational Moroccan embassy in Tripoli. Some cars were damaged by the explosion, but there have been no reports of injuries, the BBC reports. ISIS militants claimed responsibility for the attack on Morocco's embassy as well, a claim that has not been verified. Catherine Garcia

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