May 7, 2018

The training director of a police K-9 academy in Illinois claims that if the state legalizes recreational marijuana, it will likely have to euthanize "a number" of its pot-sniffing dogs, The Pantagraph reports.

There are approximately 275 trained narcotic K-9s in Illinois, with each costing the department thousands of dollars. Replacing the dogs would cost millions, and Chad Larner, the director of Maron County's K-9 Training Academy, said "retraining" the dogs would be "extreme abuse."

"At this point, they're trained on five different odors," explained the Normal Police Department's assistant police chief, Steve Petrilli, a former K-9 handler. "Once they're programed with that, you can't just deprogram them." The dogs are also trained against being social in order to be effective workers, which led Larner to suggest "a number" of the K-9s would have to be euthanized in the event that marijuana is legalized, The Pantagraph writes.

Marijuana advocates are skeptical about the threat. "The idea that legalizing for adults to have an ounce on them will equal ... all these dogs being euthanized, that seems kind of ridiculous and hyperbolic," the executive director of the advocacy group NORML, Dan Linn, told The Pantagraph. Petrilli likewise said the dogs would likely continue to live with their handlers in retirement, and in states where the drug has already been legalized, some K-9s have simply been retrained to ignore the (much more frequent) whiffs of pot. Read the full report about what is to become of the police dogs at The Pantagraph. Jeva Lange

Editor's note: This article originally overstated the number of dogs that might be euthanized. It has subsequently been clarified.

April 16, 2018

Women senators working at the Capitol can still be left feeling secondary to their male counterparts, even though it's been 86 years since the first woman was elected to the United States Senate. It's all in the details — for example, there was not even a women's bathroom on the second floor of the Capitol building until recent years.

One story in particular illustrates exactly the kind of separate treatment female senators would endure. Former Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) told The New York Times that when she joined the Senate in 2009, the doors to the Senate swimming pool had signs that said "men only" for one conspicuous reason: "There were at least two male senators — she would not name them — who enjoyed swimming in the nude," the Times writes.

Today, women are allowed to swim in the pool — which is located in the men's gym, since the women's gym does not have one — so long as they wear the required "proper attire." Read more about the women who are "breaking into the boys' club" at The New York Times. Jeva Lange

March 19, 2018

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson alleged in a blog post Monday that Fox News removed him from air in 2014 at the request of Elaine Chao, who didn't like Erickson's criticisms of her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Chao held an influential position on the Newscorp board of directors at the time, and former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reportedly told Erickson that she was "riding [his] a--" about Erickson's unfavorable coverage of McConnell. Now the Senate majority leader, McConnell at the time was running a primary against Matt Bevin in Kentucky, and Erickson supported the latter candidate.

Roger felt the need to apologize, but told me that as long as I was writing about McConnell at RedState that I would find my appearances on Fox limited. I kept writing about McConnell. To his credit, Roger later called me and said he appreciated that I was willing to give up air time to keep doing what I believed in. He said most people would have shut up to be on TV. [The Resurgent]

Erickson adds: "I had long dismissed the idea that Fox really was tied in some way to the GOP," although clearly he has his suspicions now. Today, Chao serves as President Trump's transportation secretary. Read Erickson's entire post at The Resurgent. Jeva Lange

June 3, 2016

Not even torture could drive Hillary Clinton to tell the truth, according to a senior adviser to Donald Trump's campaign. After discussing on CNN Friday how problematic Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state was, Trump adviser Barry Bennett came to a conclusion about Clinton's alleged dishonesty that visibly shocked CNN's Kate Bolduan.

"You couldn't get the truth from Hillary Clinton if you waterboarded her," Bennett said. "What?" a clearly surprised Bolduan responded. "You couldn't get the truth out of her with a waterboard," Bennett repeated.

Bennett's musings about waterboarding followed Trump's threat at a rally Thursday to prosecute Clinton over her email server if he won the presidency. Trump has also promised to "bring back waterboarding and a hell of a lot worse" if elected.

Watch Bennett and Bolduan's exchange, below. Becca Stanek

March 8, 2016

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed an ultra-Orthodox man in Israel on Tuesday — only to have the victim superhumanly remove the knife from his own neck and then use it to kill the terrorist, The Times of Israel reports.

The insane event went down after the attacker followed the victim into a wine shop in Petah Tikva while the victim was out collecting money for charity. The attacker then stabbed the victim "multiple times" in the upper body according to police.

At one point, the victim managed to break away and fled the store, while the owner of the store hit the attacker and tried to subdue him, police said. The victim then returned to the store, pulled the knife out of his own neck, and stabbed his attacker. [The Times of Israel]

The attacker died soon afterward. The victim, 40, was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in moderate condition. Jeva Lange

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