who cares
October 19, 2019

The White House has been consistently chaotic over the last few years, but some current and former Trump administration officials are indicating that things have reached a new level, Politico reports.

Early on during President Trump's tenure "there was enough guardrails around Trump or enough caution on his part that when he did things that were more impulsive, they had less significance and fewer external ramifications," one former White House official said.

Now, though?

Well, former White House communications director Anthony Scarramucci, who has been quite vocal with his Trump criticisms of late, compared the situation to a car that has been impounded. "We are not waiting to see what the fine is and to see whether or not we're going to get the car back," he said.

Some current officials reportedly said they don't have the energy or willpower to try to constrain Trump anymore, and have essentially given up, with one official describing a "who cares" attitude creeping through the building. Another current official said trying to limit Trump's impulses is a "pipe dream" and that "everyone who has tried had eventually failed in some way." Read more at Politico. Tim O'Donnell

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