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November 4, 2019

Was it a rally, or a roast?

President Trump was in Lexington, Kentucky, on Monday night for a rally in support of the state's Republican governor, Matt Bevin. Bevin is facing Democrat Andy Beshear, the state attorney general, in the gubernatorial race, with voters hitting the polls on Tuesday. Kentucky is a red state, but an April poll showed Bevin had just 33 percent approval among residents, making him the country's least popular governor. Experts say Tuesday's election could go either way.

Trump told the crowd that Bevin is constantly asking the administration to help Kentucky, to the point of being annoying. "He's such a pain in the ass, but that's what you want," he said. Trump then implored voters to choose Bevin, for his own sake. "Here's the story," he said. "If you win, they are going to make it like, ho hum. And if you lose, they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. You can't let that happen to me." Catherine Garcia

July 10, 2018

At least seven former Ohio State University wrestlers have said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) knew about sexual abuse by the team doctor when he was an assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995 but failed to do anything about it. The doctor, Richard Strauss, died by suicide in 2015. OSU is investigating the allegations against Strauss from athletes in 14 sports.

Jordan has denied knowing about the alleged abuse, though he clarified on Fox News Friday that "conversations in a locker room are a lot different than people coming up and talking about abuse." He has his defenders, among them President Trump, Supreme Court spouse Ginny Thomas, a group of former OSU wrestling coaches, and fellow House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), who said Monday that accusations "don't pass the smell test. ... Unlike the Olympians who were minor children at the time they were abused, these former wrestlers were adults at the time they claim they were sexually abused by the Ohio State team doctor."

Other members of the Freedom Caucus are more "uncomfortable" with the allegations that Jordan turned a blind eye, and they're "taking a wait-and-see approach," a Republican familiar with their thinking told CNN Monday. Jordan's Freedom Caucus colleagues view him as a "good man who was probably just in a bad situation," the source added, but "it was expressed to me by one member that after Joe Paterno, you never want to go too deep in defending somebody, because you can have somebody who was just almost seen as an otherworldly figure of integrity and then you find out that 'Wow, he really did know more than we thought he did. He really didn't do what he should have done.'"

Even some of Jordan's wrestler defenders suggest he isn't being honest and say the "locker room talk" should have raised some red flags, even if he was young and didn't see them at the time. Peter Weber

December 12, 2017

A man who served in Vietnam with Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore thought it would be a good idea on Monday night to share what he obviously thought was an affirming story about the time the two went to a brothel that had girls who were "certainly pretty" but "young, some were probably very young."

Moore has been accused by several women of groping them when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s, but that didn't stop Bill Sailing from recounting his memory during a Moore rally ahead of Tuesday's special Senate election. He told the crowd he and Moore had been invited to go to a "private club" by a fellow soldier, and they went because it was the soldier's last night and there were "legitimate private clubs." When they arrived, "it turned out to be a brothel," he continued. "We walked inside. I could tell you what I saw, but I don't want to."

The crowd laughed, and Sailing kept going. "Roy turned to me in less time than it took for someone to come up to us, and there were certainly pretty girls. And they were girls, they were young, some were probably very young." He said Moore told him, "We shouldn't be here, I'm leaving," and they went back to the base camp, leaving their other friend behind. The Moore he knew, Sailing finished, was "honorable, disciplined, morally straight, and highly principled." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia

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