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January 9, 2019

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) continues to push back against Christian Bale, the actor who portrayed her father in Vice, this time by comparing the former vice president to the caped crusader himself.

Cheney told Fox News Wednesday that Bale, who is also known for playing Batman in the Dark Knight films, "finally" had the chance to play a "real superhero" with this role, but he "clearly screwed it up," Talking Points Memo reports.

Seeing as she admitted she hadn't seen the film, though, she was just responding to Bale's comment in his Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday, when he thanked Satan for helping him prepare for the role. He also referred to the former vice president as a "charisma-free a--hole." Vice, which chronicles Dick Cheney's ascent to White House, is not a flattering look at its subject to say the least. Liz Cheney is also a character in the film, and is depicted as turning her back on her sister for being gay in order to win her congressional bid.

Liz Cheney went after Bale on Twitter almost immediately after his speech Sunday, linking to an article about him being arrested for assault and writing, "Satan probably inspired him to do this, too." Bale is considered the front-runner to win the award for Best Actor at the Oscars in February. Watch Cheney's comments below. Brendan Morrow

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