your alive father is dead
March 8, 2018

President Trump's words of consolation would have been comforting to the steelworker had his father been dead, but luckily for everyone involved, the man is still alive and well.

On Thursday, Trump signed his official proclamation imposing tariffs on some aluminum and steel imports, surrounded by several workers in the industries, including the president of a local steel union, Scott Sarge. Sarge shared that in the 1980s, his father "lost his job due to imports coming into this country. And I want to tell you what that does to a man with six kids is devastating. So I never forgot that looking into his eyes, in my household, what it does to a family."

Touched, Trump told Sarge, "Your father, Herman, is looking down, he's very proud of you right now." "Oh, he's still alive," Sarge responded. "Oh, he is?" Trump said. "Then he's even more proud of you, he's even more proud." Trump then asked a burly steelworker if he'd like to arm wrestle. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia

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