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Watch Boris Nemtsov denounce Putin's 'insane,' 'murderous' Ukraine war in final interview

On Sunday, thousands of Russians marched in Moscow in remembrance of prominent opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead Friday night. Less than three hours before he was killed, Nemtsov was on the radio, promoting Sunday's march — originally planned as an opposition rally — and denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said Russia needs to "hold honest elections" and "abolish censorship," according to a translation from Reuters.

But Nemtsov also weighed in on Russia's involvement in Ukraine: "The main reason of the crisis is that Putin started that insane, aggressive, murderous — for our country and for many of our citizens — policy of war with Ukraine. The presence of the Russian troops there is well-documented." Putin says he has personally taken control of the investigation into Nemtsov's murder, and promised the dissident's mother he will find the killers. Watch parts of Nemtsov's final interview below. —Peter Weber