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New Jersey to Chris Christie: Resign!

A majority of New Jersey's registered voters want Chris Christie to step down from his post as governor while he runs for the Republican presidential nomination, a new poll from Rutgers-Eagleton reveals. While 41 percent said that Christie should stay on as New Jersey's governor while he runs for president, 54 percent said he should resign. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 4 percent.

But there's an asterisk: When the pollster asked New Jersey voters about a Democratic-backed proposal to force Christie (and all future governors) to step down while they run for president — as opposed to the original question's implication that he should step down voluntarily — only 45 percent wanted Christie to be forced out, versus 52 percent who said he shouldn't be forced out.

"New Jerseyans want the governor to resign now that he is officially in the 2016 primary race, but they want him to do it on his own terms," said pollster Ashley Koning.

These results come just a day after another Rutgers-Eagleton post found that more than half of New Jerseyans think Christie is "arrogant" and not "presidential."