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Paul Ryan cites party unity as major reason he's endorsing Donald Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan is explaining why, after weeks of avoiding an endorsement, he finally announced on Thursday he will vote for Donald Trump.

Ryan told The Associated Press he has friends who wanted him to support Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, and others who hoped he wouldn't. "I really didn't feel any pressure, other than my goal is to make sure that we're unified so that we're at full strength in the fall so we can win the election," he said. His main concern, he added, is "about saving the country and preventing a third progressive, liberal term, which is what a [Hillary] Clinton presidency would do."

Ryan said he made his decision earlier this week, after having several conversations with Trump about his position on abortion and his approach to judicial appointments and executive power. "We obviously have a different kind of style and tone," he told AP. "That's very clear. Anyone who knows anything about us knows that. But what really, ultimately matters is how best we can make sure these principles and policies get enacted in 2017."