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Watch Bill de Blasio somehow tie The Clash to his 2020 platform

Bill de Blasio is really counting on winning the "niche music taste" demographic.

The New York City mayor followed more than 20 other people in announcing his 2020 presidential candidacy last week, and has since failed to draw a crowd in any polls — or town halls — out there. Still, de Blasio remains convinced he can win, and he's channeling his punk roots to do it.

In Tuesday morning interview on CNN's New Day, host Alyson Camerota asked, as she apparently does with every candidate, what de Blasio's favorite band is. "My favorite band is the Clash," de Blasio responded before getting wistful about the London Calling album. "Their music spoke about a different, better world," de Blasio said, mentioning Joe Strummer's famous line "the future is unwritten" and saying that applied to "global warming" and "a huge economic inequality" today. De Blasio was also sure to mention that "I love reggae" and, upon prompting from Camerota, "I love ska."

This whole conversation isn't too surprising once you recall what de Blasio looked like in college. Kathryn Krawczyk