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Trump praises his late brother Robert for not being jealous of him

During a phone interview on Fox & Friends on Monday, President Trump paid tribute to his late brother, Robert, who died Saturday at the age of 71. While he spoke highly about his younger brother, he still found a way to make himself the center of the story.

The main praise Trump heaped on Robert was that even though the two were competitive growing up he wasn't jealous of Trump's successes, whether it was The Apprentice's booming ratings, a great real estate deal, or winning the 2016 election. "There was not an ounce of jealousy," Trump said, adding that envy is common in many other sibling relationships.

The president called Robert his "biggest fan" and said people would often come up to him to tell him how "thrilled" his kid brother was with his presidency. Trump also took delight in the fact that Robert was apparently very angry with China over its role in the coronavirus pandemic. Tim O'Donnell