Hey, you! You, over there, who is looking at the clock and cursing those long, arduous hours between lunch and dinner, who is getting up to walk to the kitchen and then sitting back down, who keeps fondling the edge of a Kit Kat wrapper. You, half-asleep in front of the TV, watching Friends reruns at two o'clock in the morning. You, tired or hungry or cranky or bored, or tipsy off of your first drink of the night.

You — all of you! — need a cheese snack.

While cheese snacks can consist of hacking at the edge of a large block of cheese with a dull knife, we recommend the classy cheese snack: cheese in baked, runny, melty, or spreadable form, usually combined with carbohydrates, sugar and other buddies. Make a batch of these and serve them with a glass of bubbly, or eat them hunched over your cutting board, crumbs all over your face.

PB & C (peanut butter and cheese) cookies by Abduffy

Baked feta with rosemary blackberry compote by Oops! Were you gunna eat that?

Cheese crispettes by drbabs

Fig and blue cheese savouries by TheRunawaySpoon

Pub gougeres with anchovy and cayenne by withinseason

Chevre devils by gingerroot

Bruschetta with ricotta, honey and lemon zest by Merrill Stubbs

Paprika-scented manchego chorizo puffs by Half-Buzzed Hostess

Toasted goat cheese crostini with red onion jam by Merrill Stubbs

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