1. The pool party with liquid nitrogen
If you can stomach the idea of swimming in a microbial cocktail of other strangers' bodily fluids, pool parties can actually be quite fun! But Jägermeister recently took things to another level at a pool party in Mexico when it decided to create a faux-moody fog by pouring four bottles of liquid nitrogen into the chlorinated water.

In what the New York Daily News described as "a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong," a thick cloud quickly blanketed the pool party's attendees, who soon found themselves coughing and gasping for air.

The liquid nitrogen boiled off the top and quickly displaced the oxygen surrounding the pool, reports Geekosystem. The guests were thus inhaling noxious nitrogen gas — and were essentially being asphyxiated. Several were hospitalized, and a 21-year-old man left the party in a coma.

2. The foam party that burned everyone's eyes
Like trying to make the century club and enjoying electronic dance music, going to foam parties ranks high on the list of things college kids regret later on in life. The sudsy second-base-fest may not be the disease-ridden cesspool it's made out to be, but there have been instances of partygoers getting sent to the emergency room.

Last year at a Naples, Fla., nightclub, for example, 40 people ended up in the ER after revelers experienced an intense burning in their eyes, plus temporary blindness. "I felt like I had shards of glass in my eyes," said one 22-year-old. Officials think the soap used wasn't properly diluted. So much for good, clean fun.

3. The not-so-secret rager posted to Facebook
A 15-year-old British girl wanted to throw a small party for friends while her parents were away on a trip, so she did what any digitally savvy teenager would do: Post on Facebook.

That's how the trouble started. What was supposed to be a small, intimate gathering of pals turned into a riotous melee when more than 50 troublemakers arrived, causing £15,000 in damage. According to the Telegraph, "bubble bath was poured into the television and its remote control had been melted in the kitchen microwave oven." Beds were soaked in urine, the family's computers and X-box were stolen, furniture was smashed, and a few pieces of her father's collection of ornamental samurai swords went missing.

In her defense, the young girl said she was unaware of the chaos going on around her; she claims to have passed out around midnight after accidentally ingesting alcohol.

4. The party with a fake severed hand
A 34-year-old makeup artist for a theater company had the bright idea to prank his 15-year-old niece by planting a mutilated and severed "hand" in the middle of her birthday party. The Mirror reported that "officers cordoned off the grim scene after horrified neighbors discovered the bloody 'hand' which had its finger chopped off," and the bloody stump was "put into evidence bags and forensics teams were radioed." The man later apologized for stirring up such a ruckus, and, presumably, for being the worst uncle in the world.