"The Juice" hasn't been loose since 2008, when O.J. Simpson was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping and sentenced to nine to 33 years in prison.

The case centered around a 2007 incident in which Simpson and five other men broke into the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and stole thousands of dollars in sports memorabilia at gunpoint — all of which, Simpson claimed, rightfully belonged to him.

His sentence came 13 years after he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman during the "trial of the century" in Los Angeles.

Now Simpson, 65, is in court arguing for a retrial on the grounds that his defense attorney botched the job in 2008. Is there a chance Simpson could win his freedom?

Probably not. Laurie Levenson, a law professor at Loyola University, told NBC News that this kind of case is called a "Hail Mary motion" by lawyers.

"Less than one percent of the people who file these succeed," Levenson told NBC News. "Everybody sitting in prison wants out, and this is how they try to get out."

The case pits Simpson against Yale Galanter, his ex-lawyer. Simpson claims many things, including that Galanter, who also represented him during a separate road-rage incident in 2001, planted the idea in his head of trying to get the sports memorabilia back.

"The overall advice that he gave me is that you have a right to get your stuff," Simpson testified on Wednesday. "He gave me an example that if you're walking the street and you see your laptop in a car, you can use force to break the window of the car."

Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo, Simpson's current lawyers, also claim that Galanter never told Simpson in the 2008 case that the prosecution had offered him a plea deal, which would have resulted in only two to five years in prison.

Overall, Palm and Fumo are presenting 19 issues to judge Linda Marie Bell which they say should prove that Galanter mishandled the case, including claims that he misrepresented evidence to the jury and told Simpson that he couldn't afford expert witnesses when he could.

Galanter is set to testify later this week.